Topping $25 Billion In Total Sales For The First Time Ever

In an important article from PPAI, the record year experienced by the Promo Industry in 2022 is laid out and discussed. 

A few questions explored were:

   • Is this record growth sustainable?

   • What factors were in play?


   • How do we take advantage of this growth?

   • How do we increase our business when our staff is already fully tasked?

   • How can our staff spend less time on manual tasks and more time servicing customers?

   • How do we grow without adding additional staff?

   • How do we improve our quote-to-order process to ensure we win more business?

If you find yourself asking those same questions with your business in mind, DemandBridge’s solution, DB Sourcing, may be for you.

In today’s evolving business landscape, gaining a competitive edge and expanding your print and promotional business requires adopting innovative strategies and keeping up with changing market trends. DB Sourcing is the only solution that offers a complete quote-to-order process for all of your customers’ printing and promotional products needs. With over one hundred print templates to work from and a direct integration to Sage, your team will save hours every day that can be used to service your customers and improve satisfaction. Labor is your largest cost, why not make them as effective as possible and help them thrive with additional time. 

Take control of the most significant function affecting your profitability … the procurement of goods and services you sell with DB Sourcing.

13% Increase over 2021 sales

PPAI noted that a 13% increase over 2021 total sales suggests that the industry has fully rebounded from the unprecedented circumstances of the first year of the pandemic. With this rebound, comes an opportunity to further your businesses growth and profitability.

With DB Sourcing, businesses can streamline their procurement processes by centralizing and automating various aspects of: vendor management, purchasing, and order tracking. This can lead to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and time savings, ultimately improving profitability.

“Distributors and end buyers are increasingly incorporating promotional products as part of their integrated marketing strategy, resulting in a higher share of their budgets being devoted to promo.”

As businesses expand and grow, managing procurement can become more complex. DB Sourcing can offer scalability, allowing businesses to handle increased procurement volumes without compromising efficiency or profitability. It can also provide tools and features that support growth initiatives and enable businesses to seize new opportunities.

“People are really starting to understand that the cost per impression, and the return on the investment of a promotional product and the longevity of it, has such tremendous value relative to other forms of advertising.”

With the increased significance of Promotional Products in our customers’ growth strategies, DemandBridge is proud to partner with SAGE to offer a host of capabilities within the DB Sourcing product to enhance our web-based procurement solution. 

DB Sourcing is popular amongst customers due to its:




Additional network of suppliers who are vetted in our industry and can give you complete domestic coverage and some international solutions.

Now offering a complete backless platform so you can connect DB Sourcing to any back-office system!

To read the whole article from PPAI, please click the link below.

To learn more about DB Sourcing and see a demo, please reach out to

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