DB Distributor

Inventory software for distributors

Manage your entire operation from accounting, to inventory management, all through one integrated system.

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Distributor software built to conduct every step of fulfillment

Leading distributors recognize the need to embrace technology across all facets of their business. They relentlessly seek cutting-edge solutions that combine flexibility, adaptability, and efficiency to stay ahead of the competition.


Order Management

Experience innovation on-demand with an order management solution crafted meticulously to streamline your ordering and inventory management.

Intelligent Routing:

Consolidate your operations for both inventoried and customized items. Orders can either be manually entered or generated through your integrated customer portals.

Single Order Process:

Automatically route releases to the most appropriate warehouse based on availability. Custom orders are delivered to your preferred supplier based on the product type.

Seamless Billing Function:

As invoices from suppliers arrive and costs are recorded, they are promptly incorporated into accounts payable for seamless end-to-end order accounting. Complete your billing process in one fell swoop.

Image Library

This document management storage and retrieval system truly delivers on the promise of a paperless office.

Automated Storage and Indexing:

Effortlessly transform your workspace as we streamline handling of both internal and external documents, all automatically stored and indexed to their corresponding transactions for fast, easy retrieval.

One-Click Access:

Gain instant access to transaction-related documents with a single click of the “See Images” button.

Efficient Workflow:

Eliminate the burden of manual document management and boost productivity.

Go paperless, while maintaining a customer-centric approach

Inventory Software For Distributors + Warehouse Management

A cutting-edge solution that redefines your inventory tracking and management:


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Integrated Shipping

Connect effortlessly with UPS, FedEx, and many other third-party shipping applications.

Increased Efficiency

Enhance your warehouse’s productivity by automating the closing and billing of warehouse releases, significantly saving your personnel’s time and reducing manual errors for a smoother, more efficient workflow.

Dynamic Order Updates

Stay up-to-speed with real-time tracking and shipping information, systematically updated to the order record and seamlessly mirrored on your integrated customer portals.

Customizable Freight Handling

Catering to your distinct needs, we offer customer-specific freight handling rules. This ensures precise freight charge calculations, billing, and the application of mark-ups or pass-through charges.

Print Management Solution

Provide proactive customer service. Capitalize on the crucial connection between customers’ usage trends, superior customer service, and thriving businesses.

Real-Time Precision

Real-time data generation. Drive informed decision-making through usage and cost center reporting, and elevate your business strategy.

Customized Branded Reorder Notices

Anticipate and cater to your customers’ needs with tailored, branded reorder notifications.
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Kit Production Management

Streamline ordering and tracking of kits and components:

The industry’s most robust accounting software for distributors:

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Increase efficiency and profitability with these advanced features

True vouch + bill:

As costs are received against the job, the billing function is automatically completed

Image library:

Complete digital job files eliminate paper filing

Warehouse management system:

Functions simplified with bar codes and wireless devices

Integrated shipping:

Intergrations with UPS, FedEx, and many other third-party applications

Eliminate redundant data entry:

Integrate with suppliers, customers, and third-party technology solutions with Flowpoint


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