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Empower your business fundamentals with EQ Distributor—your premier distributor management system.
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EQ Distributor is a single-source solution including integrated eCommerce to manage all aspects of a distributorship.

Our fully integrated distributor management system enables:


Embrace Efficiency with Advanced Distributor Management Software

Harness the transformative power of EQ Distributor, our premier ERP solution designed to elevate your business operations.

Key Benefits of EQ Distributor

Two people working together in a warehouse, one inspecting a product with the other observing, surrounded by boxes and office equipment.

Distributor Management Software

Key Features

Vendor Integrations

Seamlessly connect with a wide array of suppliers for streamlined procurement, real-time data synchronization, enhanced supply chain visibility, and improved financial oversight, all within a scalable and customizable ERP framework designed to strengthen vendor relationships and support data-driven decision-making.

Order entry

Continuity of client data is the key to the power of the Order Entry module. Data passes seamlessly through the entire sales process, with all customer information available each step of the way.

Inventory management

Take control of your company’s most valuable assets: the products you sell. The Inventory Management system enables comprehensive tracking of inventory by location, stock levels, shipping, receiving, and item pricing.

Accounts receivable

Easy-to-use system that controls all aspects of receivables, including client statements, cash receipts, bank deposits, gift certificates, PCI credit card storage and processing, plus the ability to handle pre-payments.

Accounts payable

Integrated with the Order Entry and General Ledger modules, automatically converting vendor invoices to job costing for your customer invoices.

General ledger

A powerful General Ledger is essential for enabling you to make timely business decisions. Balance Sheets, Comparative Statements, Budgets, Consolidated and Department Income Statements provide the analytical reports you expect from General Ledger.


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