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Empowering Distributors and Enterprises

With DemandBridge, you’re not just embracing an industry leader, you’re integrating a complete suite of innovative, customer-focused software solutions that redefine success for your business.

A haven for industry knowledge

DemandBridge brings over 90 years of combined experience to empower distributors and leading enterprises across various industries. Serving more than 500 customers, we equip businesses to deliver comprehensive services encompassing promotional products, print materials, and essential office products. Our passionate team develops and continuously improves our robust suite of solutions, combining a deep understanding of distributor management systems and procurement solutions with innovative eCommerce solutions, for businesses of every scale.


Microsoft Azure cloud-based services

Grow and scale quickly

You’ll be able to select the tools and services your company needs. With our platform move to Azure, you’ll have the freedom to deploy wherever you want, using the applications and frameworks of your choice.

Marketing software-as-a-service approach

Customize tools to your needs in a flexible way

Technology should never be one-size-fits-all. Some clients need only marketing resource management, while others need tools for customer segmentation analytics, next-best-offer analysis, marketing campaign management, product lifecycle management, and more.

Data management capabilities

Transform and consolidate your data

Savvy distributors are outperforming competitors by focusing on process improvements and actionable customer data, not just superior products. DemandBridge enables you to enhance client communication effectiveness, creating tailored follow-up messages that drive action, thereby increasing both responsiveness and client success.

Advanced integration

Purchase modules as standalone offerings

We now offer our customers the ability to purchase modules as standalone offerings that can be integrated to competing eCommerce solutions, backend ERP systems, procurement platforms, and customer intranets. We’re not going to stop you from pleasing your customers (and making money in the process) if this is the most logical solution.

Improved reporting

Gain clearer transparency into orders and inventory

All customers, including ones that use DemandBridge strictly to manage their print and promo business, will gain access to better reporting functionality. Faster, easier access to standard and customized reports will help to inform your future decisions.

Upgraded sourcing technology

Improve margins and boost customer service levels

Our industry-specific, fully integrated supply chain management system reduces the time and cost associated with managing client requests for print orders. It enables customer service personnel to efficiently organize, compare, bid, and manage jobs, ensuring competitive pricing, optimal equipment matching for each project, and real-time job tracking.

Agile development

Continual advancements

Our platform development process includes updates and improvements every 3-6 weeks. New feature sets or major product releases are usually introduced twice a year. We have an advisory board to manage the strategic direction of our products to ensure we stay ahead of developing market demands, and our users contribute ideas and requests.

Our Mission

Empowering businesses by bridging the gap between marketing ambitions and technology. We are catalysts of progress, combining industry-leading expertise and cutting-edge solutions to drive marketing effectiveness and profitability. We exist to serve our customers, providing integrated marketing tools designed to enhance performance, improve workflows, and enable decisive strategy. Our unwavering commitment is to be partners in your growth, co-creating initiatives with innovation, integrity, and impressive results. We navigate the complexities of technology, so you can concentrate on the simplicity of success. DemandBridge – Your partner in marketing technology advancement.”

Our Vision

We relentlessly seek to create seamless marketing experiences that drive growth and solidify success. We envision a future where businesses can navigate the landscape of marketing with agility and precision, powered by our suite of advanced, integrated tools. By continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation, we aim to become the gold standard in marketing technology, a beacon of excellence trusted by enterprises worldwide. Our vision isn’t just about offering superior technology—it’s about empowering every client to unlock their highest potential in an ever-evolving digital marketplace.

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