Demandbridge solutions

DemandBridge Analytics

Discover the potential within your operation by evaluating the usage patterns of documents, collateral, and digital assets. Gain valuable intelligence on impactful resources to strategically shape your future design endeavors.

Key Benefits

Real-time transaction updates

Stay on top of your profits and losses. Financial data updates in real-time for anytime financial reporting, including multi-year comparisons and budget/variance analysis.

Cost savings analysis

Detailed reporting summarizes data for a given job to highlight savings from awarded bid.

Discover efficiencies

Place the data your users need to expedite projects front and center and provide a single forum for job-related activities and correspondence.

Key Features

On-Demand Reporting

Get current data at your fingertips, thanks to DemandBridge’s integration with Microsoft Azure. Analyze data in convenient dashboards that provide key figures to share with stakeholders, with drill down for further details as needed.

Intelligent Reporting

Analyze cost savings and buying patterns with our robust reporting solutions. Break down reports by CSR, customer, supplier, or product type, and highlight key metrics that you and your clients can use to instantly measure the impact of your buying habits over time.


Gain access to robust business intelligence

Our marketing automation platform is fully integrated and enables users to expedite many of the time-consuming tasks associated with marketing.

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