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Manage quotes + order distribution with vendors on a comprehensive web-based procurement platform


Take control of the most significant function affecting your profitability…the procurement of the good and services you sell.

DemandBridge is the leading provider of software and technology to the print distribution industry. With our customers’ annual combined purchasing power now over $1 billion in print related sales, we’re laser focused on helping our clients to deliver cost savings to their customers and drive greater pro ts through more effective and ef cient purchasing. Real-time data replication between our back of ce accounting and order management system and DB Alliance results in less redundant data entry, so you can spend more time on the activities that drive your business. No other third-party software application provides this level of integration.

Key features of DB Alliance include a customizable, web-based job status dash- board, visibility into your supplier network, and a centralized portal for CSRs to easily manage all aspects of a job—from uploading attachments, to crafting customer proposals, to soliciting quotes and creating purchase orders. Most importantly, DB Alliance was designed and built with input from seasoned print industry professionals who understand the challenges associated with sourcing.

Finding Efficiencies

While getting great prices on the products you buy is crucial to your bottom line, reducing the time it takes to quote and award jobs is equally important. DB Alliance puts the data your users need to move projects forward front and center, and provides a single forum for job-related activities and correspondence. Whether quoting items for the first time or placing a repeat order, DB Alliance offers quick solutions to meet your needs.

Buying Smart

Are you confident in the decisions your buyers are making when awarding jobs? Within DB Alliance, business owners can create approval rules to gain more insight into their users’ buying processes. Rules—and exemptions—are easy to create, may be as simple or complex as necessary, and may consist of multiple parameters such as number of suppliers solicited, item cost, and product type, to ensure your employees are adhering to best practices.

Intelligent Reporting

DB Alliance comes equipped with robust reports that allow you to analyze cost savings and buying patterns. These reports can be altered down by CSR, customer, supplier, or product type, and highlight key metrics that you and your clients can use to instantly measure the impact of your buying habits over time. Our distributor partners successfully use these reports to man- age compliance with internal policies and to funnel business to preferred partners.

Improve the way you manage projects and suppliers:

  • Dashboard: Job status view guides users on current actions taken/needed
  • Standardized product templates: Accurate and complete information is captured with each quote
  • Robust approval rules: Administrators manage dynamic rules to control which jobs require approval
  • Competitive quoting: Vendor specs ensure appropriate matches for user selection among many responses
  • Cost savings analysis: Detailed reporting summarizes data for a given job to highlight savings from awarded bid

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Through this multi-bid tool, WebbMason has consistently achieved an increased GP% of more than 5% and we have been able to successfully direct our spend to our preferred partners.

- Lynn Brewton, Chief Procurement Officer for WebbMason Marketing